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Everything we do at Back to the Garden challenges the big pharmaceutical companies ambition to make us one nation under medication. We challenge "Big Pharma" because we believe the body can heal itself. We make delicious superfoods and other natural products that are convenient and empower you to become independently healthy.

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Teas n Greens


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Patient:Sara M.



The first time I tried Teas n Greens, I couldn't believe it didn't taste like "grass in a glass". It was like having a glass of berry juice without all the sugar. When I read the label and found there was only 1 gram of sugar from fruit per serving, I was amazed. I've been using the product for about 3 months now, and since then I have a bowel movement everyday. Within 6 weeks I realized my shoulder pain was gone after suffering with it for years. Thank you Dr. Krystosik for making this formula.

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Customer: John T.



I tried a lot of different green superfood products. All of them taste bad, but I use them anyway because I don't always eat the best foods. When I first read about Teas n Greens on the Internet, I have to admit I was skeptical. But when I mixed up my first glass of Teas n Greens I was pleasantly surprised. I thought about it and realized I could drink this product every day. I've been using it for a little over a month now and found I have a lot more energy and the joint pains in my hands is much better.

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Customer: Ben S.



In less than one week after drinking Teas n Greens the bloating and constipation I had for over 10 years was gone. I'm regular every day now. Not only that, I have a lot more energy. I ran out of Teas n Greens for about a week, and within two days I was back to living with bloating, constipation and very little energy. Trust me, I'll make sure I don't run out of this amazing supplement anymore. It's almost hard to believe that 75% of this product is green foods, yet it taste so good. No more caffeine energy drinks for me.

Individual results may vary


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